Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The real scandal is how this man became POTUS

Obama's "Cow Farts" speech.  Short on science, long on left wing dogma it is said.  But not only on rhetoric, but also on reality.

For example, I note that beef is plenty expensive these days.  Why is that?  Could it be that the government is making it hard on beef producers?

I recall the Bundy situation awhile back.  These ranchers were run off the land because of an out of control government. 

The out of control government wants no limits upon themselves, and substantial limits on the rest of us.  They want to tell you what to eat, for heaven's sake.  They want control of your health care.

There were plenty of scandals in the Obama administration, but nobody seemed to care about those. Meanwhile, they have to invent scandals in order to try to take out Trump.  No scandal has yet been established with respect to Trump, but the Dems are already claiming that there is one.

There is no respect for truth, and there is an attack upon the rule of law.  Quite literally an attack on police officers.  Officers are dying, and Trump is under attack.  Why?  In order to cover up the real scandals and the real abuses of power.  The Bundy case was one of many.  These have had a real effect upon quality of life in the USA.

People might want to remember that the next time Cryin' Chuck starts shedding his crocodile tears.

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