Saturday, May 13, 2017

Saving some thoughts

Usually scan the news first, but not this morning.  Scanning the news is a distraction.  It causes me to forget what I was thinking about before I started reading.

Here's some thoughts:

Cultural shifts

Musing for a moment on a song that this radio station keeps playing--- the chorus goes --- "play that funky music white boy" and   ( "till you die" ).  I researched it, the group, and the lead singer.  They sounded black, but he isn't, and the band isn't.  Or is it that they don't look black?   Found a connection to the late Terry Knight, formerly of the rock group Grand Funk Railroad.  Was the song about self deprecation of "white boys"?  Or about cultural appropriation?  Whose culture that is being appropriated here?

Is there some sort of subliminal message in that song?  If the words to a song aren't important, then why bleep out the words to the Dire Straits song Money for nothing.  There's a reference to the word "faggot" in that song, in case you are not familiar.  But, "White boy" is an insult too.  Black boys don't like to be called that.  What's up with that phrase "till you die"?  Till whiteness no longer exists?

Cultural appropriation is a term going around lately.  Is this  a type of racial separatism?  There is this tendency towards separation --- "safe spaces" as it is called.  This is quite different from the integration that was pushed in the sixties and seventies.  Instead of mixing the races and cultures, now there is a push to separate them.  But this is only one way, mind you.  Questions should be asked, but in this modern culture of professional grievance mongers, and safe spaces, one cannot say the wrong word, or the vitriol comes a running.

A Theory:  Acceptance of the premises of the cultural wreckers.

Pulling down statues of Confederate heroes in New Orleans and other places.  What does that mean?   Cassius Clay v Muhammad Ali  as an example of hatred directed towards Western Civilization, and what it will mean.  Not everything about the Confederacy was wrong, and not everything about the Union was right.  Look what we have today:  a tendency towards way too much power concentrated in too few hands.  It is in the hands of corporations and globalists, who are destroying our traditional culture, and trying to make it into a one world state.  Conservatives are now associated with this.  How can they be truly conservative and be associated with the destruction of our culture?

Why erase the history of great Confederate generals?  Why erase the history of the Confederacy?  Why erase the history of a great American novel like Huckleberry Finn?  Nobody gets to ask questions if the questions are censored.

It wasn't all about slavery.  The war was about centralized power versus decentralized power.  As one historian mentioned, the United States of America became an "is" as opposed to an "are".  That distinction is the result of a conjugation of the verb "to be":  it means a diverse culture of states being transformed into a single culture controlled by just a few in a far away capitol.

How they discredit Christianity:

Christianity has been getting mixed up with slavery, at least according to the wreckers.  But Christianity was the motive force behind the Abolitionist movement--- see Cassius Clay.  It sure wasn't Islam--- see Muhammad Ali.  And now Christianity is getting associated with homosexuality.  It runs rampant in the Catholic priesthood.  It also runs rampant amongst the jihadists.  Little wonder then that the churches are emptying.  Why would any normal person want to be associated with that?

Nature abhors a vacuum.  As whiteness is discredited along with Christianity, what is to take its place?  Islam and homosexuality?

Can we even ask that question?  The home of the free and the brave is to replaced by homosexuality and safe spaces?

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