Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Crocodile tears for Comey

I didn't like him anyway.  Nobody really liked him, as far as I could see.  He managed to piss off everybody at some point.

Democrats want to make this a Saturday Night Massacre.  It bears no resemblance.

Schumer's concern about Trump is touching.  /sarc

Finally, I note that this firing generated a lot of buzz.  It shouldn't have.  But everything that shouldn't matter does, and everything that doesn't matter, should.

Liberal catechism  ---- Dominance, Lies, and War.

Don't you forget it.

Update, 6:09 am, 5.10.17:

Whaddaya know, Cryin' Chuck Schumer.  The "Saturday Night Massacre" is no comparison.  The Watergate Burglary was an established crime.  No crime in the current situation has even been identified.  In Constitutional law, you have to have "probable cause".   But in this, it is for the firing of Comey, and about an "investigation" which is looking only for "possible collusion" that is supposedly against the law or something.  In the Watergate Era, a special prosecutor had already been on the job for some time.  In this situation, somebody is looking for evidence of a possible crime, not an actual crime committed.  The Democrats want a special prosecutor for "possible cause", not probable cause.  No special prosecutor has been hired, so one cannot be fired.

To make these kind of comparisons, one would have to suspend one's intellectual capacities.  Perfect scenario for Democrats.

6:43:  This has been BS even before the election.  Limbaugh had a take on it at the time.  As for me, I was not taken in.  It's all fake.  Fake investigation of Hillary.  Fake crime by Trump.  Fake outrage at his firing.  Why is anyone surprised by any of this?

7:00:  One more thought.  Hillary says Comey cost her the election.  But what if it is the other way around?  What if he almost saved it for her?  That's what I was getting at at the time.  As was Limbaugh.

7:41:  Democrat whoppers are becoming so implausible that it reminds me of the running gag in the sixties TV sitcom Get Smart, where Agent Maxwell Smart couldn't get anyone to believe his nonsensical stories.  Once somebody expressed doubt, he would change his story with the preface: "would you believe?"

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