Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Considering the unthinkable

If Trump does an el Foldo on the wall, it may be time to clean the "bathtub ring".  That's what Chris Matthews called Trump supporters-- a bathtub ring clinging to Trump.

Cleaning the bathtub ring means no unconditional support of Trump and everything he does.  Not for me, at least.

That doesn't mean supporting the Dems.

Actually, what it does mean is that the GOP is screwing him right now and he cannot stand up to them.  In fact, he may have no other choice but to give in to the GOP and do what they want.  But what the GOP wants is not what got Trump elected.  The wall is his signature issue.  If the GOP gets him to abandon it, they will have made him a captive of the party.

If he vetoes the spending bill and causes a shutdown, what will the GOP do about it?  They might remove him from office, that's what.  But if they do, they may lose whatever they've gained over the last several years.  The GOP will lose a lot of credibility, if not all of it.

Trump also ran on a peace plank.  He shouldn't go running off to war, which sounds a whole lot like a neo con project.

Peace and the wall-- if these go, Trump won't last.  He may not last anyway, but at least we know who the enemy is.

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