Thursday, April 27, 2017

Why do they call Obama "Bathhouse Barry"?

The rumor ( which isn't much of one according to some, meaning that it is a well known fact ) that Obama is a homosexual is out there in the web.  So, I searched it on the web a little deeper and found some interesting tidbits.

Actually, it is indeed news to me, as I do not follow these types of leads.

It is said that Obama himself said that if people knew what he did when he was younger, he would not have become president.  Could it be that Bathhouse Barry was referring to this?

Now, the deceit of this seems staggering.  But only if you think the leadership of this country is worthy of respect.  Once again, I note that there is no respect for the truth.

I read some critical stuff about Obama back then, but at the time of the 2008 election, this stuff was pretty much suppressed.  You cannot say anything about Obama even now, or you will be called a racist.

So, is he going to "come out" anytime soon?

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