Sunday, April 23, 2017

GOP needs not fear a shutdown

The use of words is a key here.  It isn't a shutdown, for the government is still taking in plenty of money through taxation.  No, only non-essential services will have to close down for the duration of the fight.

Then, let the fight begin!  For the GOP now holds all the cards necessary to win.  In previous shutdown fights, the GOP either lack the means, or lacked the will to fight.  The last time the GOP controlled the Congress and the Presidency, George W. Bush was president.  There's no way that Bush was going to fight like this.  Prior to Bush, you had to go back to Hoover.  Perhaps Eisenhower could have had a short time in that position, but Ike had little inclination to fight, and so he was a lot like Bush.  Now, in order to win this fight, you only have to control one third of Congress.  There can be plenty of defections from the GOP position, but Trump can still carry the day if he holds one third of either House.  This is a big challenge for the Dems to overcome.  Therefore, the fight can be won.

The fight is going to be over non-essential services and government spending.  So-called conservatives are going to hold firm on spending, or have no credibility in the future.  Why would anybody believe them when they had the opportunity to rein in spending, but refused to engage the Dems in this fight?  If conservatives are true to their word, they will welcome this fight.  If not, they will be found to be fakes.  Wouldn't it be better to know who is truly for something or not?  Therefore, a fight over spending is nothing to be afraid of.  This is actually the moment they have been waiting for, if we were to take them at their word.

The government will not shut down, and the sky will not fall.  But whoever wins this fight over spending will control the course of the government for years to come.

Let the fight begin.

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