Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sean Hannity the next one to be out FOX'ed?

Now there are sexual harassment allegations against Sean Hannity.  But looky who's making the allegations---Debbie Schlussel.  I remembered the name, but she seems to have been out of the news for awhile. 

So, I searched and found that she has a website.  It turns out that she's no lefty.  She might be the left winger's biggest nightmare.

What gives here?  I'm no Hannity fanboy.  But Hannity did appear to support Trump, so it makes sense for the lefties to go after him.  But with Schlussel?  That may be a big mistake.  She is far more formidable than Hannity, I would think.

The best thing about Hannity's radio show was the opening song .  So, I looked up the song.  It isn't about what it appeared to be about from listening to the intro to that show.  Anyway, I wasn't a Hannity fan.  I didn't listen to the show for long.

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