Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Truth is essential

That is true because without it, nothing can last.

If there is anything wrong with our society today, it is that truth is not desired for its own sake.  That is how you get things like Bruce Jenner and homosexual marriage.    It is how you get the fraud of AGW.  It is how you get leftism in general.

Hillary is upset supposedly because the Russians did what?  They "hacked" her campaign, and revealed the truth about her, it is claimed.  Even if the Russians hacked the election, we should thank them for it.  Anybody who wishes to be president, and is unhappy that the truth got out about them, should not be in charge of this nation's affairs.  We should be happy that enough people were bothered by the truth about Hillary that they denied her the presidency.

If she became president, the rule of law would be over in this country.  It has a chance now.  Not that it is guaranteed, but it has a chance.

The left isn't interested in the rule of law.  The so-called right claims to be.  We will see about that.  The people who should care are the weakest amongst us.  But the weak can be deceived.  The weak wouldn't be weak unless they could be.  The left preys upon this.  The so-called right?  I'd like to believe otherwise, but there are many times when you cannot distinguish them from the left.

Polls are not really reliable.  But the polls that say that that there's something wrong in this country tend to be pretty consistent.  Now, why do you suppose that people think that there's something wrong?  Bound to be something there, right?

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