Monday, February 20, 2017

Not the first time I wrote about batshit insanity

You can see for yourself with the search tool on my page.

Here are some bullet points of the insanity:

  • The Trump-Russian thing.  These people think the Russians are coming.  Somehow Putin waved his magic wand and made people vote for Trump.  There has to be a scandal in there somewhere!  The power of Putin has tricked us all!
  • That Trump's term has now passed the shortest serving presidential term in history.  That means that somebody believes this nonsense that they are spouting will get rid of Trump.  Not by any legal means, that is.  Think a bit about the mentality that would believe such a thing.
  • That Trump is a illegitimate president.  There is no evidence whatsoever of any such thing.  What law has been broken?  What disqualifies him other than their own dislike?  But their dislike does not have the force of law.  If it did, he wouldn't be president!  It is a non-sequitur of non-sequiturs.
  • Putin has ordered a psychological profile of Trump!!!!  Oh, my God!!!  hmmm.  pssst.  This is standard operating procedure for any country to know the psychology of all other leaders.  It is basic leadership competence 101.  If you don't know this kind of info, you cannot function as a leader.  They all do this.  Duh.

I suppose I could list many more.  But if you are caught up in the insanity, this will roll off your back like water off a duck's back.  But somehow, people are going to have to get a grip.


Should've added this one:

Senator Franken ( steen)  ( psst.  that was a joke)  has a plan to remove Trump because he thinks Trump is crazy.  You can't make this stuff up.  Here's a comic who ran for office and won, and is now trying to question the sanity of the president of the USA.  Yeah, this is like the "Chief" petitioning Nurse Ratched to give them a new warden for their looney bin.   If this is too complex a thought,  then try this:  for Franken to call Trump crazy is like the pot calling the kettle black.

In other words, these people calling Trump crazy are batshit crazy themselves.


Just in case you need any explanation for why Franken's idea is a non-sequitur of non-sequiturs, keep in mind that Trump would have to agree that he is unable to discharge his duties as president.  The Congress by two thirds majority could override the president and remove him from office for disability, provided that the president did not agree that he was disabled for whatever reason.

Did Franken pass the literacy test before he became Senator?

Ain't gonna happen. Trump ain't gonna leave cuz they said he was crazy.  To think so is even crazier than crazy.

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