Thursday, February 23, 2017

General off grid discussion

Work continues on this even though I do not necessarily post about it.  For instance, my bilge pump arrived yesterday.  Also, the big cooler arrived recently.  Today, I spent a little time pondering over how to assemble this mess.

Funny how I seem to have trouble with it.  For some strange reason, I wanted to do something with the plumbing that didn't make sense.  I think the heat was getting to me.  Today was rather hot.  The warmists will go crazy over this hot weather.

The cooler will go in the compartment below the bed.  I need to drill a few holes to accommodate the plumbing necessary to run the passive solar project.  The heater is just outside.  There are a couple of high quality hoses that will take water to and from the solar water heater.  From the heater, it will go the cooler and back again.  At the bottom of the cooler, the bilge pump will recirculate the water during the day.

At night, I flip the switch, and water will then be pumped inside the trailer from the cooler to the radiator, and back.

The pump didn't have the necessary hardware for installation, so I await the parts for that.

Meanwhile, I reworked the tea kettle for the distillation experiment.  I want to try that again.  Perhaps I can overcome the contamination problem.  I have some water ready for testing.  It has been collected from washing dishes.

I managed to avoid getting soap in it.  Soapy water will not be recycled.  Too hard to get the soap out.

The soapy water can be used to flush the toilet.  Nothing gets wasted.  Everything gets multiple uses.

The goal is to use five gallons or less of water per day.  Then, to recycle half of that water in order to make the deficit of only 2 and a half gallons per day. 

If I can make those goals stick, then the fuel cell proposition could put me over the top.  That is to say, I will be self-sufficient in water even without a well, nor using rainwater.  Even though I do not count rainwater, I do intend to collect it.  If all goes well, there will be plenty of water.

So much water that I may attempt to raise catfish.  Imagine that.

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