Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Trump charges could become serious

That remark by Schumer got me to thinking as to what could be the source of his confidence.

There are charges out there that Trump has business dealings with Russia.  If that can be demonstrated, then it could be used for further accusations of a quid pro quo, or favors in exchange for favors.  One favor could be to help Trump win the election.  This is what has gotten the Dems in such a fever.

I would dismiss that in any case, even if true.  For if the Russians helped Trump, so what?  The only problematical thing would be any illegality involved.  If Trump was in any violation of law, he could be in some trouble there.  So far as I know, it would depend upon what business dealings he had, and what exactly he was supposed to have gotten in exchange.  All of this would have to be proven in order to get a conviction in court.  My estimate of the odds of that is near zero.  However, it could prove quite useful politically.  It may even force the GOP to abandon Trump, if the political support disappears.  That could be Schumer's calculation.

We'll see if it turns out to be the case.

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