Saturday, February 25, 2017

Obligatory, 2.25.17

'Twas a busy day.  Woke up early in the am, still dark, and it's cold.  Ran out of propane.  So, that meant an errand in order to get some propane.  While in town, got some drinking water, and some parts for my solar water heater project.  That still not ready?  Yep, still not ready.

Nor likely to be at this rate.  In any event, some more parts are on the way.  A switch and a fuse in order to complete the electrical work, I hope.  While waiting for these parts to arrive, I emplaced the water cooler, and installed plumbing to and from the solar water heater, and to the heater core.

The heater core is what I bought in town today.  Hot water will run between the water cooler and the heater core in a circuit.  A valve can be switched so that the bilge pump will pump water to the core or to the solar water heater outside.

In order to make this work, I needed the parts, which included the heater core, hoses, and clamps.  Then, I had to find a way to route the hoses from the solar water heater to the bedroom, which is where the heater core is emplaced.

The bedroom will segregated from the rest of the trailer.  That may require some carpentry, in which I do not excel, I am afraid.  Anyway, the old mattress had to come out because it is in the way.  Somehow it got wet today as I used the outside shower to clean up something for my other projects.  Evidently, there is a leak coming from the outside shower.  It got the mattress wet, as well as a few other things.  I had to dry them outside in the sun.  The mattress in now in the van.  I may give it away, as I see no use for it.

Everything is now ready and waiting for the delivery of the remaining parts.  Once these are installed, a test of the system can commence.  That may happen as early as Monday or Tuesday.

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