Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Posting may be light going forward

The idea is to do video blogging, but realistically, will there be time for all that?

Another thought came to mind:  Why?  Why spend so much time and effort on something that yields so little of anything really.  Or has it?

What has this blog done for me for the last 4 3/4 years?  The project that I have spent so much time on and now money, "da Ranch", is an outgrowth of the blogging efforts.  Was this a blessing or a curse?  For I am going broke fast.  Ironic that I decided to buy the land in order to have a cheap place to live, yet it is taking all my money in order to try to make it work.

It may be enough to bring one to despair.  I'm hoping that I am doing the right thing, but it may end up being the wrong thing after all.

Such is my lot.  Such has always been my lot.  Not to be self-pitying.  I am satisfied that I'm doing all I can, but I am just saying that my efforts may come up short.

Coming up short is not impressive, but is stated only in order to be as honest as I am capable of being.  Whatever I do here, it is always been sincerely done.

I'm not quitting, but embarking upon a new way.  It may not work out as I hope, that's all.

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