Sunday, June 7, 2015

What if you are right, but it doesn't matter?

What I mean is what if you are short the market, and it crashes?  You should make a bundle right?  But what if you cannot collect?

I'm short the market, but it may not do me any good at all if I cannot collect my earnings.

I'm short the market because I have no confidence in the policy makers.  Even if I am proven right, it may not even matter.

Well, that would really suck.

I read on Zero Hedge that the market was closed for months during World War I.  There can be a lot of shenanigans in that amount of time.  You can bet some people are gonna be sheltered from their mistakes, and so there will be no accountability.  But didn't that happen in 2008?  Yep.  History repeats itself.  First as tragedy, then as farce.  If this downturn happens, will it be a farce or a tragedy this time?

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