Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Georgia election, what does it mean?

Opinions are like a-holes, everyone has one.  So, here's mine.  Given how close the race was, and given how it has been traditionally GOP, then I'd say the GOP is in trouble.

There are those who would attribute that to Trump.  But I wouldn't.  The reason is that the GOP never did like Trump, and still doesn't.  In a way, they are sabotaging him by refusing to go along with his ideas.

In sabotaging Trump, they can blame him for the party's upcoming failures.  Then, things can get back to "normal".  But normal for the GOP is perpetual minority party status.

Let's face it.  The GOP isn't serious about being a party.  At present, this seems not to be hurting them.  But this special election shows that it will eventually come back and bite them. 

This high water mark would not have occurred without Trump.  The GOP is doing their best to blow it, which is probably their last opportunity to make any difference in the future of this country.

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