Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Who won the debate?

It all depends upon how you listen to it.  If you listen to it the way Obama presented it to that first question, then you'd probably say that Obama won it.  If you listen to it literally, the way it actually unfolded in that first question, you'd probably say that Romney won it.

Here's the poll results courtesy of Ace
CBS Poll: Romney Wins 65-34 on Economy;
CNN Poll: Romney Wins 54-40 on Economy,
49-46 on Health Care,
51-44 on Taxes,
59-36 on Deficit,
49-46 on Leadership,
All in Favor of Romney
I'll break down the rest of the debate when I get some time.  Probably on the weekend.


There was enough time last night to watch the re-run of the debate.  The only thing there worth mentioning is that Romney let Obama get away with something on that Benghazi question.  I didn't like that.  It took a lot of time for Obama to stop blaming a YouTube video for the attack--- and just call it a terrorist act.  Romney lets Obama get away with saying that Romney politicized it before getting the facts.  Bullshit.  All Obama did for a couple weeks there was to trash the First Amendment.  Romney defended it.  He should have said something in his own defense on that, but he kept quiet.

The rest of the whole thing was a snooze fest as far I'm concerned.

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