Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sally Zelikovsky: Romney trapped Obama in the Second Debate

American Thinker

Many in the punditry need to re-visit the section of the debate last night between Romney and Obama addressing the Libya question. Too many are saying Romney flubbed it, his answer was flustered and a lost opportunity to strike back. This was not my first impression watching the debate so I went back and watched it again. After reviewing the footage I think many in the punditry missed what really happened.

If you say so.  Yes, it is true that Romney said this stuff, and it is better than nothing.  But this was probably the most miserable part of the debate for me.  Romney could have destroyed Obama over this, but he seemed to me to be holding back a little.

That applause part was just miserable.  Miserable.  Obama trashes the First Amendment after presiding over a terror attack on 9-11 of all days and these people applauded that.  Miserable.

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