Monday, October 15, 2012

WEAPONS HUNTING: The Reason for the 9-11 Murders in Libya

Incidentally, there's a share button that's not working this morning.  I wonder if somebody is "jamming" any reportage on this.  That may sound paranoid, but once you start digging into this, you begin to see the massive deceit coming from this administration.

Anyway, this is a must read for anybody who is interested in getting to the bottom of the attack.  It seems pretty clear to me that this administration does not want to get to the bottom of this, at least until after this election.

He and Ambassador Stevens, as well as the two other special operators from Wind Zero, were executing a CIA and State Department mission to track not only Qaddafi’s weapons, but to trace any and all weapons trafficking in the regions. Smith was the information officer at the Benghazi mission and likely was too close to having uncovered intelligence that pinpointed key players both in and outside of Libya. Intelligence was shared with the CIA, which does enforce the drone program, whether inside Libya, stemming from the mission to remove Qaddafi, or in other hot-spots in the Middle East.



The loss of 20,000 Manpads ( think Stinger anti-aircraft) would be of very high interest in this administration.  After all, it was this administration that participated in the ouster of Khaddafy, without Congressional approval as required by law, in which said ouster led directly to the loss of the Manpads.  They are desperate, or should be desperate, about getting these back before planes start getting targeted.  If that happens, it is an unholy political mess.

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