Friday, May 29, 2015

Checking in, 5/29/15

Sorry about these late starts.  What do I do with this time?  Just thinking, that's all.  When does thinking becoming worrying?  When you go around and around in maddening circles.  Worrying is bad thinking, and it is not good.

Well, don't know if this is thinking or worrying, but here goes.  About Limbaugh:  he has been stalwart GOP since I started listening to him way back when.  I don't listen much to his show anymore.  But I check his website from time to time.  He may be talking more about this homosexual marriage thing these days, but what happens if the Court renders another Roe v. Wade?  Is that enough to end Limbaugh's support of the GOP?  Limbaugh once asked the question, what would it take?  He was asking those who support Democrats.  But what would it take for him to call it quits with the GOP?

Could the GOP go the way of the Whig party?  What killed off the Whigs?  Slavery.  What was slavery, but a moral issue.  Make too many compromises on the moral issues and you end all of your credibility.  There has to be very bright lines that must never be crossed.  If they are, then who are you then?  If you are going to be one of them, then be one of them.  Otherwise you must stand apart.

Another Roe v. Wade could kill off the GOP.

Was that thinking or worrying?  Don't know, but I cannot support the GOP if they are going to do things like this.

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