Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Home again, 5/26/15

Today's blogging started with the storm keeping me awake, so I blogged.  Turns out that we had a "100 year flood".  In this area, it is more like a "10 year flood".  Houston is in a subtropical region and it rains here --- a lot.

Don't want to downplay it all because some people undoubtedly suffered because of this.  It's just that these kinds of things get hyped.  The worst of this flooding was over by about 10 am.  Most roads were passable for nearly all the day.  It wasn't even all that abnormal as far as work is concerned, and I drive for a living.

This weather news reminds me that I've been writing about climate lately, and another idea just came to me about why the climate talk is just a lot of nonsense.

If you have followed the theory, it is called the Greenhouse Effect.  You should know what that is, especially this time of the year when you get into your car.  It is quite hot, isn't it?  The reason for that is that the glass blocks the heat from getting out.  But where does the heat come from?  It comes from the sunlight coming through the glass and hitting the interior of the car, which heats it up.  The heat is radiated into the air, and it gets hot inside.

The Greenhouse Effect from Global Warming Theory is quite similar, or if it is not, it is news to me.  What is being proposed as a theory, and now assumed to be proven fact, is that man made emissions of carbon dioxide are building up in the atmosphere and blocking the normal exit of heat from the planet's surface, thereby causing the climate to get warmer, which is said to be a big problem.

As I have been writing, I do not believe that this problem is any problem at all due to the most likely probability is that there is no such warming taking place.  It is entirely implausible and I've got more reasons to discuss why it isn't.

As I've written, it is the pressure that counts in terms of a greenhouse effect, not the makeup of the substances in the atmosphere.  For the discussion that leads to that assertion, please refer to these links from earlier today.

The culprit, according the Global Warming Theorists, is carbon dioxide.  Carbon dioxide is a gas.  Contrast this with glass, which is a solid.

Now, back to the pressure discussion.  The reason that it is significant in this discussion is that the pressure simply measures the weight of gas.  Thus, the gas, pressed down, becomes more dense per unit of volume.

Per unit volume, glass is much, much, much more dense than any gas, including carbon dioxide.  Only when gas is of sufficient quantity, as on Venus, does it become a factor in the Greenhouse Effect.  It doesn't on Mars because there isn't enough of it.  It doesn't on Earth either, despite what we are told, for the same reason that it isn't on Mars.  There's a Greenhouse Effect on Earth, but it's not coming from the carbon dioxide, in my opinion.  It is coming from the water and the density of the atmosphere, of which carbon dioxide is but a small, insignificant part.  Thus, increasing the amount of carbon dioxide doesn't alter the atmosphere nearly enough to make any difference.

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