Saturday, May 30, 2015

Checking in, 5/30/15

Yep, another one of these.

I meant to write more yesterday, but once I got home from work, I fell asleep.

Not an excuse, just an explanation.

The thing I was going to write about was a little story about what happened during the day at work.  I stopped by, and got a snack and a coke.  The guy at the counter was trying to sell me a lotto ticket.  He said the jackpot is big, if you win, you can quit your job and enjoy life.  I just shook my head and left.

If there was anything that I did not want to do right now is to enjoy life.  What that mean anyway to "enjoy life"?  Enjoy life while my country is being raped?

The man was of foreign extraction, so he probably did not understand my manner at all.  I did not explain, because I couldn't at time he said it.  The words about rape came afterwards once I had time to think it over.  If I had the "gift of gab", maybe those words could come easier for me, but they never do.

Rape is a pretty strong word.  So, is it justified?  I believe so.  I remembered a poll in which 4 out of 5 people say this country is not being governed "by consent" of the governed.  It was a Rasmussen poll and it was fairly consistent over time.  I don't know if the poll has been discontinued, but that poll was last done over a year ago.

If the consent of the governed is not being granted and the government does what it does anyway, then that can be called "rape".

But the word is being abused these days, so it loses its meaning.  But it is still a strong word.  If the poll asked if they thought the country was being raped, what would the answer be?  Probably a denial.  That's because rape is severe enough that it requires action, and that's one thing that nobody wants to do.

If I did play the lotto, and won, I wouldn't use the money to "enjoy life".  I would use it to try to stop the moral rot that is occurring under our very eyes.  The moral rot is what enables the rape to occur.

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