Thursday, May 28, 2015

Credit given where due, but it may be too late

Limbaugh is weighing in on the homosexual marriage issue, but where has he been?  He may have been saying stuff from time to time, but this should have been front row and center for a long time.

The issue and the consequences are so huge with the upcoming Supreme Court decision that such a response was the only valid response.  Even if that response cost him a lot of his audience, he should have been on top of this all along.

He still uses the left's language, because he used "gay".  They are still winning.

Look, if the Vatican lost its moral authority in Ireland, it's because they must not have done anything to correct the situation.  If they have to defrock every priest in Ireland in order to find one that's any good, they should have done it.  If they have to get rid of almost every priest in the Church, they should do it.  Now, before there's nothing left to save.

I could quote the New Testament, but never mind.  Something about poking your own eye out lest your whole body be cast into hell.

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