Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Trying out the new computer

One thing to keep in mind:  this computer is like me, it lives in the low rent district.  It is pretty basic stuff here in this neck of the woods.

I note that Windows 10 is a bit different.  Can't say that I like or dislike it yet.  One thing I just noticed is that the touch pad is a bit sensitive.  Touch it inadvertently, and it will do something unexpected.  Reminds me of many devices these days.  Too doggone sensitive to everything.   Why do you suppose that is?  Maybe people like that, but I don't.

Don't have my bookmarks.  That could be a problem.  How to import these?  Will it import these?  Got to find an answer to that.

Okay, down to business of a check out/shakedown cruise.  At least it is a bit easier to use than the android.  That's not saying much, though.


It isn't too bad.  I give it a passing grade so far.


As for the bookmarks, I will do them manually.  Let's say that it can be organized better that way.

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