Friday, March 11, 2016

You can't change a made up mind

Or to put it another way:  A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.

Why bring this up?  Well, I was reading an Ace of Spades post that was anti Trump, and I was thinking about responding to that.  But as I said lately, I haven't been responding to these kind of things lately, because it gets a bit tiresome.

It is like that because I think I would be going up against a made up mind.  There are people in this world who can make up their minds about something, and that's that.  There's anti Trump people out there who are going to be anti Trump regardless of anything he says or does.  There's no way of convincing them otherwise.  So why respond?

Still, there are those who will say that I have a made up mind about Trump.  Or that I was for him at the beginning.  There are a lot of things that get said that aren't necessarily so.  There are things about Trump that have bothered me a bit.  I worry somewhat that it could be a mistake to elect him.

The thing is that my mind isn't that made up.  I can be convinced.  Only their arguments do not convince me.

Besides, it is too late for Texas anyway.  I already voted for Trump, and I do not regret it.

I wonder if guys like Ace are really open minded about Trump.  Or if their reaction to him is more visceral than factual.

Ace says Trump doesn't know what he is talking about.  But as I read his piece, I get the sense that he doesn't like Trump because he thinks Trump is dumb.  Yeah, the impression I got may be something akin to what you would hear from a snob.  Trump just isn't one of our kind of people type argument.

You cannot change that no matter how hard you try.  Even if you had somebody explain in a way that Ace couldn't fault for its eloquence, I would say Ace would still not be convinced.  This isn't based upon reason.  It is a visceral reaction.

It is not visceral with me.  I watch somebody and I have my reasons for not liking them.  Like Rubio.  Show me where I am wrong about Rubio, and I may well change my mind.  I will change my opinions when the facts warrant.

I don't get that with Ace.  I'm sure that there's nothing I can say that wouldn't make the slightest difference.  It is disappointing.

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