Saturday, March 12, 2016

Hitler comparisons

Those who are inclined to smear Trump as another Hitler ought to read William Shirer's book about the real thing.  Here's a quote from the book of one of Hitler's deeds as he rose in the ranks of German politics prior to becoming Chancellor and starting World War II.

from page 70


These uniformed rowdies, not content with keeping order at their own Nazi meetings, soon took up to breaking up those of the other parties.  Once in 1921 Hitler personally led his stormtroopers in an attack on a meeting which was to be addressed by a Bavarian federalist by the name of Ballerstedt, who received a beating.  For this, Hitler was sentenced to three months in jail, one of which he served.  This was his first experience in jail and he emerged from it somewhat of a martyr and more popular than ever.  "It's all right", Hitler boasted to the police.  "We got what we wanted.  Ballerstedt did not speak".

Compare this to those who boasted about shutting down Trump's rally in Chicago, and then ask yourself who is the more apt to be compared to the Nazis.

Now if some hotheads got their way, they would retaliate against these, but to do so would confirm them as no better than Nazis themselves.  If Trump was foolish enough to let himself get mixed up with that, then he deserves to lose.  If he was smart, he would call for restraint, and let this sink in with the public who it was that broke up the rally, and should we applaud it or condemn those responsible.  As for now, Trump is not the responsible party.

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