Friday, March 11, 2016

A republic if you can keep it

When the Constitutional convention (that gave the USA its present constitution) ended, Ben Franklin was asked what kind of government did they create, and that was his answer.

After over 200 years, have we managed to keep it, or did we lose it?

There are those who believe that we lost it.  I wasn't among those.  I figured we still had our Republic.  But I had a conversation with someone who said something that gives pause that notion.

He was suggesting what I could write on this here blog, and I invited him to write something himself, and I would post it.  He sort of refused while bringing up the possibility of repercussions.  That didn't sink in immediately, but now it has.  In other words, he was afraid to exercise his First Amendment rights of free speech.  That's the kind of thing that is not supposed to happen in the USA.  But here it is.  Somebody fears the government, so he keeps his mouth shut.

Did we lose our Republic?  Could be.

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