Thursday, March 10, 2016

A preliminary review of this new computer

It's low rent as I said before- a Lenovo Miix 300 tablet.

The reason I am doing this "review" is to bitch a little.  It would seem that after all these years, these people could make a machine that does the basic things without fail.  This thing is a bit squirrelly.  Sometimes the mousepad is sensitive, and just brush it, and it does something.  Other times, you almost have to take hammer and tongs to it in order to get it to respond.

Also want to bitch about Microsoft and its operating system.  It would also seem that after all these years, these guys could get the way to keep the system updated that didn't interfere with your using the machine.  This thing takes way too much processor power and the machine becomes almost unusable.  I'm hoping that's all there is to this problem.  If it isn't, then I have already got some malware on it.

That's another thing.  The malware shouldn't even be there.  If the Microsoft people did their jobs, they'd make these guys give up out of frustration because the OS was bullet proof.  Obviously this new OS is definitely not bullet proof.

So much for the brief bitch session.  Supposedly, we are "progressing", but if this is progress, then I'm an astronaut.


There appears to be one compensating feature of this machine.  It has a touch screen.  That helps.  Don't want to be too negative.

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