Saturday, March 12, 2016

Violence at Trump rallies

Another disappointing thing to me is how the so called conservatives are criticizing Trump for the violence at his rallies.

Sorry, but everybody has the right to self defense.  The people going to those rallies in order to cause trouble are the ones who are fascists.  If they go there to stop the rally from taking place, then they are interfering with everyone's rights at that rally to express their own political views in a free society.

Calling Trump a fascist for defending his own rallies is about as wrong headed as you can get.

It was the Nazis who broke up opposition party rallies in the run up to their totalitarian Hitlerite grip on Germany.  Those who try that stunt in America should get their asses kicked.  And the GOP should be applauding it instead of criticizing it.

But that's what's wrong with the GOP.  Not the "Grand Old Party", but the Godawful outlandish pussy party.

Maybe they ought to go away after all.  Wouldn't bother me.


Ted Cruz is starting to bug me.  My vote for him is not guaranteed if he gets the nomination.

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