Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Obligatory, 10.11.16

Once again, it may be necessary to make another trip into Houston.  I got a message on my voice mail that beckoned me back.  Why this urgency, I do not know.  I plan to call and find out later today.


Now that that has been cleared off the decks, I'd like to comment upon a rather dismal political, cultural, and economic scene in front of us. 

What a dreary business.  Now it has been six years that I have been regularly writing on this blog, and sometimes I wonder why I bother.  Really, you people.  One thing that I have found during this election season is that people I trusted can not be trusted.  It has been one disheartening thing to witness.  Yet another person got added to the list--- Ann Barnhardt.  Yes, this person has jumped the shark with me.

How did she do it?  Well, believe it or not, and you wouldn't have to look all that hard, I have been critical of her in the past.  She does seem right a lot of the time, but she is wrong about this Trump business.  She is wrong about the "locker room" aspect to the tapes of Trump when he speaks unflatteringly and disrespectfully of certain women.

Men don't act that way, she claims.  How the hell would she know?  You see?  No?  Well, let me explain what shouldn't need to be explained, but in this culture today, it has to be explained---sadly.

Lots of people today won't understand the "locker room" explanation for the tapes.  The reason being that our culture has been feminized to the extent that men cannot be their natural selves anymore.  Women have invaded formerly male spaces and have attempted ( literally ) to become men themselves.  That is what is so screwed up.  People these days don't even understand who they are, and one's sex is absolutely fundamental to your identity.  Bruce Jenner, anyone?

The reason Ann Barnhardt cannot see this is that she grew up in the culture after it changed.  She is as mixed up as the rest of the population.

She is unqualified to say what men do when they are off by themselves by virtue of the fact that she is a woman.  It is like the Heisenberg Principle.  Once you inject yourself into the situation ( by observing it directly ) , you change it.  Women cannot directly observe men in locker rooms these days because by virtue of themselves being women, the men change their behavior.  What you saw of Trump is the way men are.  They've just had this feminized culture beat them out of it to the point that men these days might as well be castrated.  In case Ann Barnhardt didn't know, she is female.

I have been in locker rooms when things were different.  There was a time when a female in the locker room would be totally unheard of, and shocking.  Not anymore of course.  But what is shocking these days is that a MAN feels free enough to be a MAN, and still has the gonads to act like a MAN.  Of course, if Hillary wins, all that goes away.  America's testicles will be in Hillary's lockbox.

Like I said, it is really dreary out there.  I really shouldn't have to explain this to Ann Barnhardt types, but there it is.

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