Thursday, October 13, 2016

Just for the record

Even though I defend Trump, I do not recommend that kind of behavior.  Nor do I practice it myself.

I defend Trump because the event is trivial, especially in light of the larger scene.  I defend Trump because the accusers are hypocrites.  They aren't just hypocrites, they are world class hypocrites.

Actually, I think all of this is beyond hypocrisy--- it is evil.  What I consider evil is not just error, but wrongful behavior that is decidedly wrongful.  It is wrongful in willful way.  This fits it to a tee.  Those who support Clinton are EVIL as far as I am concerned.  So much so that it troubles me.

Trump may be a jerk in some ways, but Hillary is just flat out EVIL.  I use that word sparingly here on this blog.  I know I have.  I think I am on the record in admonishing people from calling others evil.

But this is an exception.

God help us.

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