Thursday, October 27, 2016

Mutual assured destruction really is "mad"

Insanity was once defined as doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result.  We know from history that the Maginot Line did not stop Hitler from attacking it and defeating it.

The doctrine of MAD ( Mutually Assured Destruction ) is a modern day Maginot Line.  The public today has been led to believe that this doctrine assures us that no other country will attack us because when they do so, their own destruction will be guaranteed.  But is this folly?  Why do people put faith in an idea that is no different in concept than the Maginot Line, which did not work?  Hitler believed he could overcome the Maginot Line, and he did.  But even if he didn't, the Maginot Line failed to keep the peace.  All that was necessary was that Hitler could believe that he could attack it successfully.  Such did happen and the French quickly lost to Hitler's invading armies.

Could history repeat?  Of course it can.  Most likely it will, if people will not learn the proper lessons from history.  Maginot Lines cannot work.  You can build them, but there's no guarantee that it will stop an aggressor.

We have the modern day spectacle of the Russians continually threatening the United States with  a nuclear attack.  Do the Russians believe in MAD anymore?  Just asking the question, ya'll.

If the Russians believe that they can win a nuclear war, that may be all that it would take for them to start one.  This is happening while our "leadership" thinks pussy grabbing remarks are fit for the public square, and fit for discussion.  That's the very thing that could decide the Russians to attack.

Meanwhile, you believe in your Maginot Line to protect you.


If the above discussion is too theoretical for you, keep in mind that the Russians have installed nuclear tipped missiles within 2 minutes flying time to Warsaw.  All of this has happened while we argue about pussy grabbing.

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