Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Right Direction Wrong Direction

If the discussion is going to be about polls, then what about this one?

It has been consistently negative for the longest time.  It is well beyond any bias and any margin for error.  Clearly, the majority of the country thinks something is wrong.

Could it be that the leadership is wrong, and is consistently wrong, which is consistent with this poll?

If the leadership is wrong, then only an outsider like Trump can change it.  Hillary is on the inside.  She is part of the clique that has been running the country for most of the last twenty four years.

This clique crosses party lines.  You have George Herbert Walker Bush, the former president, endorsing Clinton.  This same man claimed that "character matters", but did he change his mind so that he could endorse Clinton?  If he changed his mind, upon what basis was that made?  Or was this campaign rhetoric about character was about as meaningful as his "read my lips, no new taxes" rhetoric?  If his campaign rhetoric wasn't meaningful then, then why should it be meaningful now?

Character really does matter.  When someone says something like that, he should be sincere about it.  If he is not, then what does that mean about his own character?  But that is not so different from the Clintons, so it should no surprise that this clique cannot be trusted to tell the truth.

Could it be that this dishonesty is part of the problem?

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