Wednesday, October 26, 2016

This doesn't help the GOP, or the country

If you want the GOP to win, you don't complain about how bad Obama is.  Yeah, he's bad all right.  Remember how we got him in the Oval Office?  George W. Bush made Obama. 

The Democrats made an issue out of Iraq, and Obama exploited it for victory.  If you don't want an electoral disaster like this, then stop screwing up!

Now the GOP has Trump as nominee, but they won't support him.  This is just dumber than dumb.

The GOP is doing all they can to give away another election.  Complaining about Obama does not help the GOP.

No, the thing to do is to acknowledge the "sins" of Bush, and promise to look into any criminal liability of the Bushes and the rest of that administration.  I see that "Colon" Colonel Powell has endorsed Clinton.  Sure he did.  Why? To escape any possible criminal liability in the run up to Iraq.

Trump could promise to look into that and it could make a difference.  If the GOP really wants to gain the confidence of the public, it will stop denying that something is wrong, and stop helping the Democrats to hide it.  They both help each other cover up, as Obama did not prosecute Bush.  Clinton claims that this kind of accountability is like a "banana republic", but the banana republics don't hold their leaders accountable.  We have the banana republic already, but if we want something better, defeat the Clintons and Bushes and restore the rule of law.

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