Monday, August 15, 2016

JFK assassination theories

This is a fascinating subject, but somewhat off topic with the posts of late.  Why mention it?

Some people make their living off keeping these theories alive.   I just watched a video in which a guy kept going on and on how there was a second shooter, and the best he could do is to create some aura of plausibility.

But facts are stronger than plausible theories.  The facts are those that show witnesses who saw a man fitting Oswald's description in the six floor window, physical evidence, such as empty cartridges and the rifle, and Oswald's own behavior since he was the only employee missing at the School Book Depository.  All physical evidence and eyewitness accounts point to Oswald.

In other words facts are stronger than theories.  Yet, why do people persist in pushing the conspiracy theories?  Here's a shocker:  MONEY.   Lots of money has been made off pushing these theories.  Lots of money has been made in debunking these theories.  The conspiracy theories have become an industry of sorts.

Back to why I bring it up.  Well, there must be some need being filled by this, or people could not make a business out of it.  Evidently, people need to believe that there was a conspiracy to kill Kennedy, or otherwise no one could cater to it with these outlandish theories.

By the way, I have my own theories.  I suppose everybody has their own theories on this subject, as well as many others.  It is an exercise of sorts to go through these theories and try to determine what to believe about it.  To think objectively and rationally, would it not best to stick with the theories that best fit the facts?

To do otherwise goes into the realm of the irrational.  When that happens, some unhealthy things can accompany it.

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