Monday, August 15, 2016

Andrew Klavan:Lying Black Folks to Death


Klavan makes some good arguments.  However, how does helping Hillary win improve on these problems that he likes to talk about?

Klavan may be a libertarian.  He tends to be critical of Trump, who is not.  If Trump loses big, libertarians may believe that their time may come.  The libertarians seem to share the same opinion that the so-called conservatives seem to have.  Just make Trump history, and they'll be there to pick up the pieces later.

Unfortunately, there may come a time when there won't be any pieces left to be picked up.

The title says the left is lying black people to death.  I say that they are all lying us all to death.  How can you seriously believe that you can win this election on this cycle when you failed to even come close to winning the nomination?  They have to know this.  They'd rather cause the election of Hillary than to actually do anything constructive in order to stop her from being elected.  I consider this to be a form of dishonesty, which may not be as virulent as it is on the left, but is far more destructive.

I don't mind constructive criticism of Trump.  But I don't consider dishonesty to be constructive.  One of the things that really turned me off about the so-called right was their dishonest criticism of Trump.

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