Saturday, August 20, 2016

Changing times

It was not my intention here to write too much personal stuff, but nothing else comes to mind right now.

I may have mentioned a doctor's visit.  Good news, bad news scenario.  Good news is that I am probably not dying, the bad news is that I probably cannot work anymore.  This has not been confirmed, as the doctor thinks another opinion may be necessary.

I am thinking the latter is definitely necessary.  The former part:  the doctor thinks the 'dying' part requrires another visit to a specialist.  Not going into details here, but I am referring to two separate problems.  One involves work, the other is more serious.  The more serious part is not as serious as it may seem from what I wrote.

While I wait on that, I have been scouting around for other living arrangements.  Staying here was pretty iffy after January, but now that the timetable has been bumped up, staying here is definitely not in the cards for much longer.

I have been considering an RV arrangement for the longest time.  Some interesting possibilities exist out there.  All of them relate to costs, of course.  Cheaper ones require more refurbing, more expensive ones will yield a fast solution, but hardly solve the financial problems.

I found something that is interesting, but will require a lot of work.  You may wonder about the work part.  That is tricky, as I will need help to do it.  A lot of help.

This may be obtainable.  As always, you have to ask.


Regulars may recall that I have a trailer.  It is small, only five feet by eight feet.  I was thinking of using that as a bathroom trailer.  But there are trailers that are bigger, on which a tiny house can be constructed.  That is generally the idea here.  Get a larger trailer and put a tiny house on it.

I may be able to get a suitable trailer.

Among other options is one that includes a refurbed RV that is claimed to be as good as new.  It is much cheaper than new, however.  Even so, it still costs a bit more than I would like to spend.


One more thing, and I will move on.  It may be possible to get another lot of land.  I do not know if this would be approved, but perhaps a swap could be done, in which I could get closer to the main road.  It also has electricity.  More than likely, it also has cell phone service.  Water?  Probably not.

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