Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The effort to split the GOP continues

You cannot blame them for trying.  It may even succeed.  Something like this happened to Goldwater in 1964.

This article here almost reads like a GOP'er NeverTrumper article.

At this stage, the only thing that such efforts can do is to get Trump to modify his rhetoric, or get him to step down.  It will be unlikely that they could get him off the ballot completely.

However, I think Trump is getting to them.  His immigration remarks were dead on.  The litany of complaints are the usual bravo sierra that has been following Trump since the primaries.  It is getting amplified big time in the media, with the concomitant blitz of ads from the Clinton camp.

Evidently, they hope to keep Trump's negatives up.  If they come down, Hillary is in big trouble.

There are some who say Trump is trying to lose.  That rings hollow coming from these people.  They don't want him to win, especially the old guard in the GOP and Democrat parties.  There's not that much difference between them.  If a GOP office holder can actually vote for Clinton, their principles are practically nonexistent.

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