Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Revisiting water filtration part three

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Another water subseries post in the main series of off-grid posts.

This is the third of three posts in which I attempted to get a satisfactory result from water filtration from water left over from washing dishes.

A method of washing dishes has been obtained.  Here's the procedure.  After cooking and eating the meal, clean the pan by using a paper towel.  This will get off most of the food residues, but not all of the oil.  To break down the oil, use an alcohol.  I am using rubbing alcohol.  I do not recommend anyone else doing this, as it requires care so as not to ingest any of it.  Not good for you.  One could substitute hard liquor for this purpose, as it is an alcohol as well.  However, I decided that it is too expensive, and besides, I feel confident I can clean off the rubbing alcohol, so I am not worried about it myself.  But you don't try this at home.

Anyway, the next step is to use a moist towels that are mostly used for cleaning hands  It may also be alcohol based.  This cleans off the rubbing alcohol.  A moist paper towel and a quick rinse off with tap water finishes it off. 

The process can be repeated with all the dishes.  I used only about four ounces of water, which is only slightly clouded when I collected it.  It is a good candidate for further cleaning.

Maybe I won't use filtration at all.  Not sure if the results are good enough.  If not, I will start to consider other methods.

Once I finish my methodology for the kitchen, I will move on to the bathroom.  I need to process about five gallons a day, total.  Kitchen water is just a small amount of that total.

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