Friday, November 4, 2016

Revisiting water filtration

Drat it.  I didn't include detailed instructions on how to make my activated carbon filter.  I do recall that I had to go through several attempts to get it to work right.

Just now tried some coffee filters, but they don't filter water worth a damn.

Maybe I'll just get lazy and buy what I need.  But that sort of defeats the purpose, now doesn't it?

I recall that I used tea bag papers the last time.  Why would tea bag papers work better than coffee filters?  Come to think of it, I haven't even used the activated carbon that I have.  That can be messy stuff when it doesn't work right.  It can go right through the filter paper.  The trick is to get it to stop doing that.

The current idea is to run the dirty water through the carbon filter, then through a sand filter, and finally through something that gives an end result.  Either a distiller or some other device.


Looks like the activated charcoal or carbon is sufficient when used only with coffee filters.  However, the rate of filtration is really slow.  Output seemed pretty good at first, then deteriorated after a few pints. 

As can be seen, there's not much water being filtered.  The rate of filtration is too slow, and so not much gets done.

While fooling around with coffee filters, I did manage to set up a sand filter.  Don't want to run dirty water through this one.  It's heavy.  Got rocks and pebbles to go along with the sand.  That's what makes it heavy.

Is all this worth it?  To be worth it, I'll need to get better throughput.

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