Sunday, November 6, 2016

2016 election: Last chance?

Perhaps in contentious times like these, coming to any kind of agreement at all is just about impossible.

But if you are going to have a thing, you need to take care of it so that it can continue to work as it should.  Even in times such as these, it may be hard to get an argument on this one.  You have find agreements somehow.

Never ending arguments are a symptom of a societal disease, would you not agree?

When it comes to a civilization, or just a country, what would it take to keep it on track, then?  Seems like the majority in this country thinks that something is wrong.  Could it be that one of the two major political parties has decided to nominate a candidate that is obviously flawed?  A significant number of her own party members thought so.  It is no secret to anyone.

You may point to Trump as being equally flawed.  But there is a difference.  Hillary did it under the color of authority.  Trump is still just a private citizen.  Can there be a distinction?  No private person can wield the kind of power a President has.  The same is true for any member of a President's administration.

If you are going to have an election, then what point is it to ratify the same thing that has already occurred, and  in which the majority has found fault?  Hillary has been part of what has gone wrong.

If there is to be accountability at all, Hillary must lose.  She won't ever be tried.  Even if she is tried, she won't be convicted.  But that doesn't make her innocent.  Accountability must come from the ballot box.  If it doesn't come from there, it will not come at all.

Arguments won't get far unless some standard can be set so as to resolve the argument.  If the argument gets settled by putting someone like Hillary in power, it is like throwing all standards out the window.  If there is no accountability, then how can there be any standards?  Without standards, what can be the basis for continuance--- brute force?  That can last only as long as you can muster greater force. 

To maintain a civilized country, one must have something besides brute force.  Indeed, that is what makes a country civilized.  If brute force rules, it is the law of the jungle.

This may be the last chance we get to keep our country.  If the law of the jungle prevails, there can be no more civilization.   No accountability means we lost our country.  Hillary has to lose.

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