Saturday, November 12, 2016

Why the protests?

It all seems rather pointless to me.  He didn't run as a small government conservative.  If anything, he's a big government guy, who may not even be a conservative at all.  He's not going to downsize the government.  If anything, he is going to grow it.

The only thing substantive that they may be protesting is the wall, and the ban on unlimited immigration from terrorist nations.

But they can't say that.  Even the Dems would run away from that.


Marcel F. Williams said...

The protest are mostly about Trump's history of racism and racist comments against Blacks and Hispanics, his bigotry against Muslims, and the fact that he is an admitted sexual predator.

The protest are effective because it makes it even less likely that he'll get support for a ban on immigrants-- because of their religion-- from Congress. Although, the Supreme court would probably consider a Muslim immigration ban unconstitutional anyway.

They are also probably protesting because Hillary got more votes that Trump. Second time in 16 years the country is under minority rule from the executive branch.


Greg said...

Thanks for your input.

However, I disagree. He'll get the wall and the ban.

The protests might have a point if he were to reinstate Jim Crow, but that won't happen. The protests are way overdone in my opinion.