Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trump wins

It looks like another election in which the loser wins the popular vote, but loses in the electoral college.

I can smell a big time Democrat talking point on this one.

It does show what should be considered the GOP strength v. the Democrat weakness.  The GOP wins outside of the cities.  The Democrats win the big cities.  This gives mass, but overall mass does not win this kind of race.  This kind of race requires that you win states, one-by-one.  Therefore, counting on victory in a mere popularity contest won't get it done.

Yet, Trump ran a mass campaign of sorts, with the rallies and such.

Exit polls showed younger voters favored Hillary.  The Obama coalition didn't turn out, though.

It is troubling to me that Hillary did as well as she did.  The mass media still has enormous power to influence people.  This despite all the talk to the contrary.  There could be few other reasons to explain why Hillary made it as close as it was.  She was a decidedly flawed candidate.

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