Sunday, October 12, 2014

Water filtration progress

Yep.  No bout a doubt it.  I've run greywater through the filter and have gotten nearly clear water.

The way I did it was to review my work and implement some improvements.

As I'm writing, I'm doing another run through the humidifier/condenser apparatus.  Early indications look good.  If I can improve the water still further, I'm getting close to tap water quality.

A dash of bleach at the end of the process may even produce drinkable water, but no thanks.  I won't be doing that.


I got the following results from the humidifier/condenser run.

Time elapsed:  1 hour
Beginning water:  12 ounces
Ending water:        8 ounces

Lost to atmosphere:  4 ounces

Collected water:

From apparatus at end of experiment:  a little over 6 ounces
From container                                :   a little under 2 ounces
From "ozarka" bottles on top of humidifier:  zero!

Processed six ounces and collected just under two.

Beginning water quality:  mostly clear, some cloudiness
Ending water quality from container:  maybe better, hard to tell--- no smell at all.  Does have some suspended particles visible when held to light.


This experiment was to determine the performance of the humidifier/condenser in terms of output and losses.  It wasn't really set up to measure water quality.  Hence, the less than pure water at the end of the experiment does not discourage me.

There's plenty room for improvement, as the ozarka bottles lost all of its output.  I think it all drained back into the humidifier apparatus because there was no place for it to collect.  This was owing to the fact that the ozarka bottle is very wide and is standing nearly straight up vertical.  The second ozarka bottle did have a place for collection, but none collected there at all.  If there's to be any collection of this water, it will have to be modified so as to be collectible from the first bottle, which is closest to the humidifier.

I suspect that the collection in the first ozarka bottle can be quite impressive.  The humidifier is working quite well with this water, so these numbers don't indicate that because of the water draining back into the humidifier.  If that water is collected, we may get back up to the numbers seen in earlier experiments of about 10 ounces per hour.

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