Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Giant dogtooth tuna becomes shark bait -

Giant dogtooth tuna becomes shark bait -

Old Man And The Sea, anyone?

I put this one in at the office, so to speak.  There was an hour lull and I thought I was going to go home when...

A delivery that should take about 45 minutes tops turned into an hour and fifteen minutes.  That may only seem like 30 minutes, but to me it is a lot of time.  I don't get much time off, so I'd like to have those 30 minutes if I can get them.  What caused it?  Some stalled vehicle in the right lane that backed up the traffic for a couple of miles.

That's life in modern times.  Our lives are ruled by the clock and the almighty dollar.  Maybe I can change that and maybe I can't.  I won't presume to change it in anybody's life but my own.  After all, what I'm trying to do has no money in it!

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