Thursday, October 16, 2014

Odds and Ends

Here are a few things I've noticed, but not commented upon:

  • The latest downturn in the market.  Is it significant?  Or is it a fakeout?  To answer that question, one has to realize that the Fed has a lot to say about where the economy is going to go.  We don't have tight money, it's still easy money time, so I'll say it isn't significant.  Once the Fed turns to tight money, then the market could get serious about a selloff.
  • Limbaugh reports that there is a belief out there that we could be on the cusp of a great awakening.  In my opinion, Limbaugh needs to wake up.  Nobody's waking up, as far as I can see.  Limbaugh used to be fresh, he's getting stale.  Very much so, I'm afraid.
  • From what I can tell, people are really underestimating this Ebola thing.  That's really bad news.  It will be a major miracle if there isn't a serious epidemic.  Even trained people aren't handling it right.
  • If there is a major disruption in the economy, Ebola could be the reason why.  If there's anything that might cause the wheels of commerce to grind to a halt, it is a major epidemic like that could be.

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