Friday, October 17, 2014

Our government is going to get us killed

This article shows it to me.  Check out the comment section:  they are doing the right kind of things to control the virus, but it isn't here, it is in Nigeria.  Nigeria!  If there's any example of third world backwardness, that has to be it.  Yet we can't match them for common sense effort.

In this country, all we here is this insanity of political correctness.

Why do people vote for this crap?

If I may:  it's because of money.  Too many people get their free stuff from these PC people, so these PC people repay them by killing them ( and the rest of us ).  It reduces the population so we won't have as much pollution.  Killing a lot of people reduces the population don't you know.

I tell you: if you want to defeat political correctness, you have to defeat the moneychangers.  You defeat them by not allowing yourself to become dependent upon them.  A tall task, but it can be done.

The moneychangers run the government, the government is home to political correctness.  Defeat them and you defeat political correctness.

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