Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Stirling Engine With DC Generator

Started out looking for something else, and found this.  It may be useful for me, but it doesn't have much power.  This actually may not matter considering what application I have in mind for it.


The application that I have in mind is to make something that will force condensation of water due to its coldness.  Up until now, I've been using pre-refrigerated items inside of the container.  Instead of doing that, I will use these windings that will go inside a tube that will follow the pathway of the mist as it comes out of the dehumidifier.

The mist will rise a couple feet or more after it comes out, but it also really wants to sink.  I want to use that fact to my advantage.  The idea here is to make some pvc pipe that will attach to the dehumidifier and divert the mist upwards a short distance, and then down.  This could happen several times in order to take advantage of the mist's tendency to rise and fall, you see.  The apparatus could look like a zig zag affair, with the pipe bending outward and then down several times.

It may be tricky to get the windings inside of the tube, so may I put them outside around the pipe.  Then attach a cooling device to the windings so that they cool down considerably, and thus cool down the pipe.  The mist will flow through the cooled down pipe and cool down in the process.  I am hoping that this will increase the condensation rate.

The Stirling engine will cool down the windings.  It doesn't have to be too powerful, because it will then freeze the mist, and I don't think that is necessary.

He mentioned the littlemachineshop dot com, so I am linking to it.

Here's a small Stirling Engine:

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