Monday, October 13, 2014

Thoughts on the timetable for moving out west

Back to considering an early move yet again.

The thing that may convince me to make the move would be if I can come up with a product that I can make and sell.  What would that be?

Spirulina.  I'm already going to make the stuff for fuel.  I don't want to eat it, but if I am going to sell it, I'd better eat it.  Not exactly looking forward to that, though.  But it must be done to reassure customers that my products are fit for human consumption.  If I can't nor won't eat it, neither will they.  If I do, I may have a chance to sell it, and earn some cash flow.

The Spirulina will be grown into separate batches for human consumption and for fuel.  The fuel can use the lower quality water that I can no longer recycle.  The batch for human consumption can be grown with distilled water, provided that I can make enough of the stuff.  My progress this past weekend on my water filtration ( see video below ) gives me optimism that I can reach this goal.  But I'm not there yet.

A business is going to require going to town more frequently.  I cannot ship from that place in the desert.  I don't think I'll ask anybody to come out there to get the stuff I'm shipping.  It may ship out of the post office in Sierra Blanca.  If somebody wants it faster, I may have it shipped by mail to a location in El Paso, where it can be overnighted anywhere.

There may be regulatory hurdles.  I'll have to look into that.  If all this can be made to work, which is a big "IF" right now, I'll be moving out there sooner rather than later.


Here's a video of the filter system as it stands now:

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