Saturday, October 4, 2014

Belated Thought on the Road: Moving out west soon?

This is a belated post because it got too busy yesterday to post anything on the road, so I'm doing it this morning.

Here's what I wrote initially:

I want to look at the possibility of moving out to my property in the spring. Until now, I've always assumed that it would be impossible. I'm willing to consider possibility that I am wrong.

Without a cash source, it would be impossible.  But with a slow, slow cash burn, it may be possible.  Besides, it may also be possible to earn an income from the property.  I'm not counting on that though.

What would the cash burn consist of, and how much?

I would need to buy food in the beginning.  For that matter, I would have to buy most everything.  I'd be saving money on rent, which at present, is a complete waste of money.  That alone will cut down considerably on the cash burn.  Growing food will cut down a lot, too.  Another big expense is energy, which I hope to cut down as well.  If all this can be done, the case burn will get down to a number of items that must be purchased outside.  If I can get this down to a few hundred dollars per month, I just might make it out there.  For awhile, at least.

All this depends upon getting these things accomplished, and that is why the recycling of water is so important.  With water, things become possible.  Without it, it is impossible.  But clean water depends on energy, so if you have energy, water becomes available.  The amount of energy available to me could be vastly greater than what I need.  I just have to be able to utilize a small portion of that, and I will succeed.

Finally, the time table.  I've got to next spring to decide.  My lease runs out then, so at that time, I will have to decide whether or not to renew, or to bug out.

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