Thursday, October 2, 2014

Time is running (out ) again, drat it ---corrected

So, only one post this morning, and I promised more.

I'm trying.

One other thing of note this am was that I was reading Ann Barnhardt's latest about money, and it struck me at how close it resembled what I wrote earlier.  So, the question arose:  Did I rip off her ideas?  I try not to do things like that, as I give attributions to what I read or see.  But I do get lazy a lot, and may have forgotten at some point.

But some things I write about I know are original.  That bit about the Fed Funds rate dropping to zero as a part of a trend---that's original.  I came up with one long before I heard of Ann Barnhardt.  I came up with that one over 10 years ago.  It was part of my successful analysis of the monetary situation as I saw it and led to one of my best ever trades in the market.  I made plenty ( by my terms ) off gold.  It would not have been possible without understanding this one key fact.  The thing that is puzzling these days is the fact that gold is in a downturn.  Why?  Nothing has changed.  They are still inflating the currency.  The only thing that could be the case is that the market hasn't caught on to that yet.  An opportunity, that.

By the way, I was thinking about my laziness as one of the Seven Deadly Sins.  That sin would be Gluttony.  Yeah, it might explain why I got so fat.  They've got scales in a lot of these warehouses, and I got on one yesterday.  Gained some more weight.  Arg!  Been eating too much and not getting enough exercise.  Gluttony, I tell you.  It must be one of the defining terms of my character, I'm sorry to say.

Er, I just reviewed the Wikipedia Entry for the Seven Deadly Sins.  Maybe sloth would be the better description.  It might well be because it is why I get sloppy, too.  So much for gazing at my navel, time to get to work.  I really hate that.

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